Looking for a Church?

There’s a whole lot more going on at Epic than just Sunday mornings! If you are local to Calgary and are looking to belong to a church community, we’d love to connect with you. Our team will help you find your way to being known and journeying with us as we follow Jesus together. 

Our Hub is where we share a lot of church life Monday – Saturday! Located in Tuxedo Park (2018 Centre Street N.)  community life happens here when it’s bigger than a gathering in someone’s home. Youth group, worship nights, prayer meetings, community groups, drop in lunches and coffee times, team meetings, and more make this a vibrant place to be during the week. Our social media and weekly emails will let you know all that is happening every week at the Hub and elsewhere in the Epic community.

We also host Epic 101 a few times a year to help people who are newer to our church learn more about our history, values, practices, theology, leadership team, and a whole lot more! This is a great time to meet the pastors and have a chance to ask any questions you might have about our church. 

What Next?

If you’d like to get on our mailing list or register for Epic 101 please send us an email.



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