EPIC Kids & Youth

One of the strategies God gave Calum and Joyce when they started pastoring our church was to make children the highest priority in the spiritual formation of our community. This has led to exponential growth. Newer people always comment about how many kids we have!

And of course, those kids grow up so three years ago we started our youth group. We have an amazing team of diverse adults leading our youth – building relationship, having fun together, and helping them go deeper with Jesus. Youth regularly invite their friends from school and as a result…you guessed it, the youth group continues to grow!


A High Priority.

We place a very high value on children at Epic and believe their spiritual formation should be prioritized in our community life.  Additionally, we deeply value intergenerational learning and experiencing the gifts God has placed in each of our kids.  Every Sunday our children and adults worship together.  After our shared communion the kids go to a time of creative learning that is age appropriate for them.  Our team leaders provide experiential learning with lots of story, play, craft, and practice as well as community building between kids and helpers.  At Epic every Sunday the biblical learning is parallel between kids and adults. We explore the same biblical content in our own learning environments.  We’ve discovered inevitably, as we dialogue with the kids, they keep teaching us!

 While we are still gathering online for Sundays, our Children and Families Pastor, Jasmine Bartel supports families with a weekly email to help shape play, conversations, creativity and prayer enabling the whole family’s discipleship journey at home. We believe parents are to be the primary disciplers of their kids, not the Church, and as such we’re always looking for ways to support parents in this role.

We also prioritize the health and protection of children in our church community. You can read our Abuse Prevention Policy here, as well as our Values and Practices document for parents and our Epic Kids Team here.

EPIC Youth

Our youth pastor, Steph Helsel, leads an amazing team! Youth gatherings (grades 7 – 12) right now are twice a month, some in person and some online, depending on pandemic restrictions. Our youth group is an amazing crew to have fun with, build meaningful friendships, learn more about following Jesus, and share what is challenging.  Grade 6 students bridge into youth at the end of June! Contact for more info!

Young Adults

Our Young Adults group is for anyone done highschool right through to early thirties, who are looking for meaningful connections with God and friends. They are very welcoming, easygoing and lighthearted, and really love hanging out together! Some are university or graduate students and others in careers, some married and some single. Their aim is to encourage one another on their journey of discipleship with Jesus. The young adults are a diverse group with a variety of interests in the arts, recreation, and the outdoor pursuits. You could just as easily find them hosting an art night over zoom, meeting for a skate or hike, connecting on a walk, or having an evening of prayer and worship. They have a Facebook page you can be connected on when you join the church. It’s the main place to stay in the know about young adult events and activities within our church community.


Community Groups are the best way to grow in relationship with others and in your spiritual formation with God. We have amazing leaders who are committed to caring for and discipling the people in their groups.

Less a “Tuesday at 7pm” reality, our community groups are smaller cohorts of people within the life of the church who intentionally pursue life in Jesus together. This is lived out in lots of different ways – walking together, meeting up in a park or a backyard, or connecting on zoom – some here, some there, sometimes all together. Every group is different, living out life-on-life discipleship in ways that work best for their group. And while community isn’t the goal, growing in Jesus is, these groups are a beautiful way to belong in and through Christ.

If you’re already a part of Epic and you’d like to get connected to a community group please contact our Community Life Coordinator, Somer.

Worship & The Arts

We believe creative gifts were given by God to help us encounter Him, our Creator. Our lead pastor, Calum Rees, has done an amazing job enabling artists in our community to share their gifts and to continue to grow in them. As they’ve cultivated their worship expression together at Epic we’ve seen the Holy Spirit encounter many people! Our way of valuing the arts and cultivating gifts has drawn many musicians, visual artists, photographers, film makers, writers, and more to being a part of our community. We are asking the Holy Spirit to help us find new ways to share these gifts by bringing an awakening to God in the culture, not just in the Church!

You can check out some of our worship music here.